Dr. Rucha Kelkar offers a variety of classes, workshops, retreats and seminars on Ayurveda. A versatile, knowledgeable and fluent speaker, Dr. Rucha has been engaged with speaking assignments for several years now. If you would like to have her as a guest speaker at your facility or center please contact us.

Dr. Kelkar also serves as a part-time core faculty for leading Ayurveda schools in the United States.


Dr Rucha Kelkar offers clinical guidance as a preceptor for Ayurveda councilors, practitioners and graduates. She also serves as a supervisor for Stanford Medical Students that do clerkship at her clinic. Please email us to find out more details.


Dr. Rucha Kelkar is an excellent teacher of Ayurvedic medicine who both lectures well and provides top-notch clinical guidance as a preceptor.  My own work as a practitioner of both western medicine and Ayurveda has been deeply influenced by her teachings.  

Krista Farey, MD


This is your Ayurvedic getaway. Join us for retreats in Panchakarma, Yoga and Ayurveda, Stress Management through Ayurveda and many more. These retreats will have wholesome Ayurvedic food, a daily routine and lifestyle based on Ayurvedic principles, wonderful speakers, meditation and much more. Retreat information will be available when they are scheduled.


Dr Kelkar is highly skilled at organizing and communicating this ancient science in a contemporary way. Such a well-organized and relatable presentation of the material. 

Annie Millar

Dr Kelkar presents the information in a very organized, easy to follow and understand way. She has deep knowledge in Ayurveda and is great to learn from because her passion comes through and you feel the passion.

Rachael Freedman

Ayurveda Immersion for Practitioners

We offer in depth, classical workshops for Ayurvedic practitioners to enhance their acquired knowledge and training. These workshops provide quality learning, didactic as well as practical application using classical Ayurveda texts. Workshops include immersion learning of Charak Samhita, Ashtanga Hridayam, Sharangdhar Samhita, Bhaishajya Ratnavali to name a few.

NAMA Pace Credits will be available for the same.


Dr Kelkar does such an amazing and thorough job of answering questions using detail, experiences in the field and so much humility and compassion. It felt like a safe space to ask questions and explore.

Melissa Wright

I liked Dr Kelkar’s enthusiasm, kindness, vast knowledge and experience, her rootedness in the classical wisdom of Ayurveda and her superb, effective inspiring way of teaching.

Jessica Fortino

On site Corporate Workshops

Stress and Lifestyle management workshop, Work- Life and Health Balance, Natural Health and Living Workshop, Balance your schedule- balance your life and many more.


Dr Kelkar is so deeply knowledgeable and is able to make the material beautifully accessible and understandable.

Indi Maxon



An insight into developing self-awareness, knowledge of impact of seasons, environment, food on health. This class has been a fantastic introduction to a sort of self-realization.
Asha Chopra
The instructor’s lineage to classical Ayurveda is wonderful as is her openness to questions and learning. I loved understanding the connection between taste and nutrition and real life examples of these practices as tangible practices.
Insiya Rasiwala Finn