Physical Therapy

At Ayurbliss Integrative Physical Therapy Wellness Center we treat a variety of conditions including general orthopedics, sports injuries, neck and back injuries, neurological conditions, and hand injuries. We incorporate Yoga and musculoskeletal supplements and treatments as necessary in the healing process.
We help you achieve a range of rehabilitation goals through personal attention and programs specifically tailored to your individual needs. We stretch, strengthen, functionally re-train and educate our patients to achieve and maintain the highest level of activity and resiliency.
We also offer group workshops for sports teams and clubs to prevent injuries and enhance sport specific performance.


Dr. Rucha Kelkar has helped me tremendously. I have been seeing her over a month for physical therapy. Also I am using her oils along with Ayurveda herbal formulation to help my back heal. I would highly recommend the Integrative Physical Therapy Care that she offers.
Kim Pessah
Rucha at Ayurbliss is a whole body and mind healer. I had physical therapy as well as Ayurveda treatment with her. Her experience and knowledge in both the fields has enabled her to treat patients as whole body and mind. Not only she has helped me with PT for twisted ankle but she also applied Ayurvedic oil to help with faster healing. She helped me get to my ankle back in shape so I could learn skiing. I am really grateful to her. She helped me cure my health issues rather than just treating the symptoms
Kalagee Shah