My First Visit

Thank you for choosing Ayurbliss. Your first visit will be about one hour long. To make your first visit with us as time efficient as possible we highly encourage you to fill out the forms that we have provided here on our website. If you are unable to download the needed paperwork simply come 15 minutes early to fill them out.

Remember the following items for your first visit

  1. The referral or prescription written by your doctor. Please note: It is not a requirement to have a referral or prescription from your physician but please check with insurance carrier regarding your coverage. Any questions, our front office staff would be glad to help.
  2. Health insurance card or Workman’s Compensation information which includes: Claim number, Claim adjusters name and phone number, Date of injury

Direct Access

The profession of Physical Therapy now has Direct Access in the State of California, which means that you can be seen directly in a Physical Therapy clinic.

Select the form for specific body part receiving therapy.