Supervised Integrative Weight Loss Program

Through this independent gym program in our facility, you will achieve your weight loss goals under the direction of our therapists, nutritionists and trainers. We also incorporate Yoga, Ayurveda and supplements to assist in weight loss.

Integrative Weight Loss Program Initial Package Includes:

  • Physical Wellness Assessment and Ayurveda Consultation with a Licensed Physical Therapist and an Ayurvedic Doctor.
  • Home Based Detoxification for five days which includes food and herbs (Option to do a full in clinic Panchakarma instead- recommended)
  • Three private sessions with a licensed nutritionist and Ayurvedic dietician 
  • Three one on one sessions with a certified athletic trainer or physical therapist.
  • Three Sessions of one on one Yoga Therapy with an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist for mental health, body toning and improving flexibility and mobility.
  • Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss for three months.
  • Complete Diet and exercise plan
  • All sessions should be used within three months of starting the program.

Add On Treatments Recommended Include- In house Panchakarma, single body treatments like Swedana, Udvartana, Utsadana, cellulite treatment, body scrub treatment etc.

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