The Consultation gives a thorough analysis of your health concern, the Ayurvedic way. The Initial Consultation with Dr. Rucha Kelkar, an Ayurvedic physician includes a detailed account of your health history, present imbalances or health concerns and a complete analysis of mind/body Constitution. Rucha uses the ancient technique of pulse diagnosis to detect the causes of any deep-rooted imbalances in the three energies. 

The client is advised on

  • Ayurvedic Dietary Changes 
  • Lifestyle guidelines
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Pranayama (Breathing exercises)
  • Herbs and 
  • Panchakarma therapies.

At each Consultation the client is educated on the principles of Ayurveda, as they apply to the client’s specific condition and needs. Follow ups are usually after a month, and then on an as per need basis.

Ayurveda is about a healthy body and a peaceful mind. It considers each one of us as a unique signature of nature. It goes to the root cause of a certain problem and fixes it so that it doesn’t come up again. The Ayurvedic consultations pay a lot of attention to this ‘individuality’ and help you customize a special plan especially tailored for you.

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I would recommend Ayurbliss to support any disease that you have been struggling for a while. There is saying “if mind is well, body is well.” Rucha understands this inside out. For Ayurvedic treatment, she has supported my health issues with diet, herbs and also with mind. I loved her approach. After starting the treatment, I was better within a month. I was struggling with my health issues for a year before I went to Rucha.
Kalagee Shah
Dr. Rucha is very knowledgeable and professional in her approach and presentation of Ayurveda. I now have a good understanding of what I need to do to come into balance.
Mathew Weski