Ayurbliss: AyurvedaWellness
Ayurbliss: AyurvedaWellness
Ayurbliss: AyurvedaWellness

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Ayurbliss™ our Ayurveda Wellness Center is your one stop shop for mind, body and spiritual health. We at Ayurbliss™ can help your body to repair and return to your natural self using Ayurveda's natural and rejuvenative healing therapies.

Based in San Mateo, Foster City area of Northern California, Ayurbliss™ assists clients throughout the United States. We also have a satellite location in Orange County, Southern California, where Dr Rucha is a regular visitor. In order to learn more about how we can help you, or if you have any other questions or feedback, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

We treat your personal information with the utmost privacy and care, and only use the information you provide when you contact us to communicate directly with you.

Phone: (949) 293 - 2950
E-mail: info@ayurbliss.com
Address: 407 N San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA, 94401